Questions & Feedback Thread: Damn Fine TV Pod Episode #7

This is where you can leave all your questions and comments for the upcoming episode of the Damn Fine TV podcast. Feel free to ask specific questions related to the show’s previous topics (series finales, character deaths, shows set in the 80s, TV BFFs, and Plot Twists) OR ask about any random TV-related topic you want.

I’d love for you guys to take part in the This Month in TV section, too. So, send me your fave and least fave (or most disappointing) shows from these past few weeks, and let me know what show you’re most looking forward to. Don’t worry if the show isn’t currently airing, I love to hear about re-watches, too!

If you’re not big into leaving comments and would prefer to send an email, get in touch via

Thanks, everyone. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


3 thoughts on “Questions & Feedback Thread: Damn Fine TV Pod Episode #7

  1. Sue says:

    Hey Jasmine!
    I first want to say I loved this episode. You and your bestie seem like a lot of fun. So what are some of your favourite bromances?
    And do you have any favourite male/female relationships? Also while on the topic, how do you feel about the fact that there aren’t many representations of platonic male/female relationships on tv or movies? And what kind of an impact (if any) do you think this has on real life relationships? Or do you think that this is a true reflection of what really happens or simple people’s/societies reflection of what’s represented in the media?

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    • Jasmin says:

      Thanks so much for this amazing question, Sue! I really look forward to tackling it on the show, and I hope I can deliver a response as insightful as the query itself.


  2. Sammy with a y says:

    Hi Jasmin!

    Me again!

    Is it too early for you to check in on how well your predictions went for the winners and losers of fall tv?

    Also, on your last podcast, which was so funny by the way, you mentioned that you were getting into AHS. That’s one of my favs, did you watch any more of it?!? If so I would love to hear your thoughts on what you found to be the scariest season? Mine was deffinitely season 1. Do you have a fav season or character?

    By the way, I loved the drinking game. You guys are hilarious when you were a bit tipsy, SO FUN!


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